Every year, during the first weekend of September, there is the Belgian Beer weekend in Brussels. This years 18th edition will be from friday September 2nd till sunday September 4th 2016.

Belgian Beer weekend grand place brussels grote markt

Belgian beers and breweries

There is a wide offering of beers from known and lesser known Belgian breweries on the beautiful Grand Place in Brussels. You  can taste over 200 different beers, ranging from Leffe, Duvel, and Hoegaarden to the more special styles of beer such as lambic beer.

Lambic is brewed in the region of Brussels and is different from other beers because it is fermented spontaneously by exposing it to wild yeasts and bacteria that are present in the Zenne valley. This is why Lambic beer has a typical flavour with a sour aftertaste. Gueuze and Kriek Lambic are types of Lambic.

mort subite lambic beer
Mort Subite Lambic
Kriek Boon
Kriek Boon

Another typical Belgian Beer is Faro, a mixture of Lambic with brown sugar, giving it its sweet-sour taste. I like this type of beer because of the not too sweet taste.

kasteelbier cuvee du chateau and lindemans faro
Kasteelbier Cuvee du Chateau (left) and Lindemans Faro (right)

I am more of a fan of the fruit and Lambic style beers, while my boyfriend prefers darker beers such as Kasteelbier, Achel Bruin, or Rochefort. This year, it will be the 3th time to be here but we still have a wide range of beers to discover 🙂 .

vanderghinste oud bruin en timmermans oude kriek
Vanderghinste Oud bruin (left) and Timmermans oude kriek (right)
achel bruin en kriek mariage parfait boon
Achel Bruin (left) and Boon Kriek Mariage parfait (right)

It really is a good opportunity to try and discover some new Belgian beers, or just enjoy your favorite Belgian Beer in a beautiful environment.

And while you are in Brussels, why not enjoy some fries or a Belgian waffle.

Belgian waffle


Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels

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