With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story. This weeks photo is by Mike Clegg, photographer and blogger with Travel and Destinations. You can find his photography portfolio here.

MikeCleggPhoto - Amsterdam

When taking pictures at night one of the most important things to do, is to use a tripod, keep your ISO at 100 (or as low as possible) and then take a long exposure. You should also use a remote trigger or the camera timer. By using these techniques you should be able to capture a high quality image with minimal noise and no blur or handshake.

When I take pictures at night I often use the Aperture Priority camera mode, which means I set the aperture (amount of light the camera lets in), and then the camera automatically sets the shutter speed. If you prefer you can also use manual mode and experiment with the settings to achieve slightly different results.

The settings used for this Amsterdam picture was a 30 second exposure, aperture F8 and ISO 100.

To learn more about night photography head to: http://www.travelanddestinations.com/photography-tips-cities-at-night/ 

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