Culinary walk through Antwerp - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

On an ordinary Tuesday, I went for a culinary walk through Antwerp (organized via vizit). An entree, main course, and dessert are served in different restaurants throughout the city and when walking from restaurant to restaurant, the guide explains the history of Antwerp. The tour started at Brabo, the statue in front of city hall and continued to the meat packing house, the old prison, and a variety of small alleys and hidden spots.

The entree was served at Invincible. The inside of the restaurant looks spectacular with the open bar and the open kitchen. Our group was placed in the basement where there was a big table. The entree was mackerel with a mimosa of egg. It was a very simple entree but it tasted very good.


Right across of the underpass we are invited for the main course at Tabl´eau: lamb with mashed potatoes with beans and Parmesan and a sauce of mushrooms and brandy. The meat is perfectly cooked and the sauce and mashed potatoes complement the lamb very nicely.


After a stop at the Cathedral, we arrive at the third restaurant for dessert: De Lantaren. Here, a number of different pies and pastries were presented on the table for us. These were served with coffee made with a percolator. This was a perfect end to the culinary walk through Antwerp and the ideal location for a good piece of pie with a coffee.

This culinary walk through Antwerp showed the city in a different way and makes it possible to discover new places and restaurants.


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