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A lot of people say it is impossible to have good (and healthy) food in the US. They say you only can get fast food like burgers and pizza. During our trip (and previous trips to the US), we discovered that you can get really good food, sometimes by doing some research, like using Tripadvisor or yelp for example. In the small towns, the local diner always has a big variety of choices for not only dinner but also lunch and especially breakfast. Also in the supermarket, you have more choices for healthy and adapted food then we have in Belgium.

Below you will find an overview of all the restaurants we visited during our recent trip and the food we had. It weren´t always healthy choices because sometimes a nice steak or a good burger is soooo tasty and pies and pancakes are just too good. Most of the times, for lunch, we just had bread or bagels from the supermarket with some peanut butter and jelly or some Philadelphia with jalapeno peppers, which we don´t have in Belgium and that is a shame. Because I love that cream cheese.

Des Moines

Here we had breakfast at La Mie Bakery and lunch at the Des Moines Cheese Shop

I really recommend these places, the food was amazing and the people are very friendly and eager to recommend some good beer and wine.

Sioux Falls

Here we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant, Jackys restaurant, where we ordered some amazing fajitas. The portions are big and the service is very friendly.

Jackys restaurant Sioux Falls

Rapid city

At Minervas restaurant and bar we had dinner and dessert. The main courses were decent portions and tasted good but the tiramisu had too much cream.


Because the first night, we arrived late, there weren’t a lot of restaurants open anymore. Adrianos Italian Restaurant still served food and we got a very good pizza, some of the best I have ever had.

Adrianos Italian Restaurant cody

The second night, I really wanted to get bbq and boy, did we get it. At Bubba’s Bar-B-Que we got the BBQ chicken and the spare ribs and chicken combo with coleslaw, corn on the cob, baked beans, and the vegetable of the day. This was served with garlic toast. To finish it off, we ended with a pecan pie to share. If you are in Cody, definitely come here for dinner for amazing bbq and homemade pies.

And the following morning, we also had breakfast here: pancake and eggs

Bubba's bar-b-que


Again, we arrived late the first evening here, and the only restaurant that still served food was Nostalgia Bistro. We had the Thai Beef Steak Salad and the Thai Beef Stir-fry with bacon fried rice followed by a lava cake and tiramisu. Everything was nice but the whipped cream on the desserts was too much and was not necessary.

The second restaurant in Dubois was Rustic Pine Steakhouse, where we had, very surprisingly a steak for dinner, followed by again some pie (apple pie and german chocolate cake). Friendly service and good food.

The last evening, we went to a diner in Dubois, Cowboy Cafe. A small diner with a huge variety of food. We were soo hungry that we started with some quesadilla and then a chicken breast salad for me and a spicy smothered hamburger steak for the boyfriend. Because we heard that their pies were amazing, we ordered some. And this is indeed the case, very good homemade pies. You really have to come here for dinner when you are in Dubois.

Island Park

Here we originally wanted to have dinner next to our hotel at Connie´s, but at 8.02 pm we were told that the kitchen was closed. We instead went the Anglers Lodge and restaurant where we had chicken with a wine sauce and apple crisp for dessert. Although it was late, they served us some very good food and didn´t rush us. When we were there, it was already dark, but apparently, the view is amazing.

Cedar City

Again we had pizza, now at Centro Pizzeria. The interior of this restaurant is very modern and the service very good (but a little bit too fast). The pizza was good and together with the cheese platter, we had as an appetizer, we were full and didn´t get any dessert.

Las Vegas

At DownTown Las Vegas, we had dinner at Hennessey´s: fish taco´s and their giant burger. After we were told to wait 20 minutes we were taken to our table and to our surprise almost half of the tables were empty. Although we thought it was pretty rude to let us wait for nothing, we decided to stay for dinner because we were hungry.

We also went to 2 buffets: The Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan and The Buffet at Aria. The Wicked Spoon had much more choice for all little things, so you can try a lot of things but at Aria you have an amazing seafood selection. Both buffets serve very good food but to our opinion, the desserts at Aria are better though.


In the end, we can say, that we had some good food during our trip, and especially some very good homemade pies, which are the best.

When we were adding up all the things we like and don´t like about food, and eating in the US we came up with this list:


  • a lot of choices at most of the restaurants and in the supermarket
  • quick and friendly service (probably because of the tips)
  • with the help of TripAdvisor, we have found some good food
  • you can have nice breakfast with pancakes and eggs
  • and have decent size portions for a decent prize


  • sometimes the service is too quick, it happened that we were still eating our appetizers and the main course was already served or that I was still eating my main course when I got my dessert
  • in small towns, some restaurants close early (8 or 9 pm). So finding food then is not easy
  • we didn´t like the bread


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