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Holiday in the sun in Taba (Egypt)

Looking for a holiday in the sun in Egypt without mass tourism? Then a holiday in Taba is perfect for you.

Taba is a seaside resort located in the North of Egypt, close to the border with Israel and Jordan. This makes it the perfect location to enjoy the sun but also visit some cultural highlights of the Middle East. Where earlier on, there were mainly Egyptians and Israelis visiting the seaside resort, now more and more Europeans are finding their way. Because of Taba’s location in the northernmost point of the Gulf of Aqaba and in the east part of the Sinai Peninsula, you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the coral reefs and the desert.

How to travel to Taba?

Taba doesn’t have an airport so you must fly through Israel, and more specifically the airport of Eilat. Multiple times a day, there are flights from Tel-Aviv to Eilat. Also, Ryanair is flying to Eilat from Berlin, Milan, and several other cities.

From the airport of Eilat, you need to take a bus to the border, which you need to cross on foot. Because of the whole border crossing, you will lose some time.

You don’t need to buy a visa for Israel or Egypt. However, you do need an international passport. This is mainly for entering Egypt because when entering Israel, you don’t get a stamp in your passport. You do have to pay an entry fee of 32 euro per person to enter Egypt. Persons who stay at Hotel Mövenpick don’t have to pay this fee. You only need your reservation on paper to show at the border. After a quick phone call to the hotel, you get a piece of paper that will allow you to enter Egypt.

What to do in Taba?

Enjoy the sun

Because of its unique location, Taba is perfect for an old fashion beach and sun holiday. We went at the beginning of March and it was around 25-30 degrees Celsius. This makes Taba the perfect winter destination to escape cold Western Europe. Because it is a lesser-known destination (aka fewer people), you don’t have to get up early in the morning to secure your chair at the beach or by the pool.

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Snorkelling and diving

The special location at the Red Sea makes Taba an amazing snorkeling and diving destination. With a little bit of luck, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world right in front of your hotel. Or take a day trip with a boat to enjoy all this beauty.

Desert jeep safari

Of course, a jeep safari cannot be missed while you are in Egypt. You then drive towards Canyon Salama where you also do a hike.

Visit Jerusalem

The location on the border with Israel makes it possible to make a day trip to Jerusalem. You combine this with stops at the Dead Sea and Bethlehem.

Visit Petra

Petra was a must when we decided to go to Taba. It is a long day for only a short period at Petra itself. This mainly because of the border crossing and the boat. But it was definitely worth it!

In winter, the weather can be very unpredictable. So, make sure, you follow the forecast before your trip. Sometimes a sweater or rain jacket can be necessary. Make sure you wear good shoes and when it is hot, take enough water with you.

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visiting Petra


Where to stay in Taba?

We stayed at Hotel Mövenpick Taba Resort. This is a 5-star hotel located right at the border crossing, a bit in no man’s land. Outside the hotel, there is nothing to do. You can, however, go to Eilat for a day if you want.

If you prefer a little bit more action outside the hotel, you can book a hotel in Taba Heights like Strand Beach & Golf Resort or Hotel Mosaique Beach Resort.

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