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What to pack for a fall city trip in Europe?

Fall and spring are the best times for a city trip because it’s less crowded and often not as hot as during the summer. But the hardest part is to decide what to pack for a city trip: you don’t want to overpack, but you also want to have a few options. Especially when you are traveling with hand luggage only: you will have to make some choices.

Here are some tips on what to pack for your next fall city trip.

A cozy sweater

A city trip in the fall also means that it can be cold, especially during the evening. For this, I love to pack a few sweaters: lighter ones if it isn’t that cold or if you are going to visit a lot of museums that day. Thicker sweaters or vests when you are spending a lot of time outside. Personally, I love NA-KDs sweater collection, so many choices. If you bring sweaters in neutral colors, they will go on every outfit. And they are also perfect for layering.


Comfortable shoes

I like to wear sneakers when exploring a city, and especially sneakers that I already have for quite some time. They are the perfect choice to wander around the city for hours. And you can wear them with jeans or a dress or skirt. Perfect in any situation. Also, ankle boots are a good idea.


I really love to wear sneakers: I think they are comfortable and always look good. And because there are so many types and colors, they are very versatile to combine with other clothes. Black or darker jeans don’t’ show stains that easily, so you could only bring one.


Especially during fall, a jacket will be necessary. I hate being cold, so I always wear a few layers under a lighter jacket. And I prefer one that can also serve as a raincoat (because I hate umbrellas). If I combine the jacket with a thicker sweater, it still keeps me warm enough.


If you want to go out for dinner or go to a club, it’s a good idea to also pack some fancier clothes like a dress or skirt and a nice top. Especially a black dress is perfect for this. And a nice dress is of course not complete without some high heels.

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