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Restaurant ‘t Fonduehuisje in Leuven, Belgium

With a group of friends we went to ‘t Fonduehuisje in Leuven. Here they serve Swiss meat and cheese fondue, as well as raclette or Swiss Chinese fondue. We decided to have gourmet which came with unlimited meat together with sauces, french fries, and salad. This kind of dinners is always nice because I think it is a cosy way of being with friends, especially when it is cold outside. read more

Where to eat in Paris

Restaurant Pasco Ossau-Iraty cheese

Last time when we were in Paris, the food at the restaurants was terrible. The big mistake we made is not researching good restaurants. We learned our lesson this time and did some research in advance by using Tripadvisor and a huge amount of blog posts. A nice feature of Tripadvisor is that you can book a table in advance for a large number of restaurants in Paris. Although this was not always necessary, we wanted to be on the safe side. read more

What to do in Paris

We already visited Paris two times, and a few things we visited on both times while others we only discovered the second time we were there. I will start by the must-do things followed by things that are nice to do but not a must.  If you are in Paris for a longer period of time, of course you can do more than when you are visiting for the weekend. read more

Restaurant De Waterput in Diepenbeek, Belgium

De Waterput

Because of a job interview near Hasselt, we decided to combine it with a nice lunch close by: De Waterput in Diepenbeek. When we arrived, we were the second customers but we were soon joined by a number of other people. Again, I decided to take a salad, this one was with chicken and fruit. My boyfriend ordered the homemade lasagna. Although we were the first customers that ordered our food, it took about 40 minutes before we got it. But it was well worth the wait. read more

Restaurant De Witte Vos in Mechelen, Belgium 

My boyfriend and I had lunch on the market place in Mechelen at De Witte Vos. We visited it before about 2 years ago so we knew it was good. I ordered a salad with chicken and mushrooms while my boyfriend just loves his meat and ordered a steak. We were given some bread while we waited for our food. read more