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Chinese food in Brussels

chinese grillet meat

When I meet with  a friend in Brussels, we often first go to the Asian supermarket and then grab a bite to eat in the neighbourhood. Because my friend goes there more often, I let her choose the restaurant. She picked Sanh-Kee, a typical Chinese restaurant famous for its roast duck and meat. We ordered the roast duck, crispy bacon, and roast pork together with some stirfry vegetables with garlic. read more

Business trip to Basel

A day after I got back from Boston, I was again on the plane, now towards Basel for 2 days. Here I stayed at Hotel Rheinfelderhof. For Switzerland, this was a cheap hotel and afterwards, I regretted not taking a more expensive one. The people at the reception were friendly but the room was very small and cramped. There was no airconditioning which would have been very much appreciated with this warm weather. (The picture of the room got lost unfortunately). The first evening, I had dinner at the hotel restaurant. Here they mainly serve typical regional dishes and pasta. I decided to take the rosette pasta with Mortadella and spinach. It tasted good but the portion was a little bit too small for me.

2016-07-25 19.50.19 read more

Restaurant De Bomma in Antwerp

De Bomma Antwerp

After a day of shopping in Antwerp, we really wanted some mussels. We looked for a place near the Grand Place and we found a perfect place outside at restaurant De Bomma, grandma´s restaurant. Here you can eat traditional Belgian dishes such as beef stew with beer, rabbit stew, sausage, …. The nice thing is that you can compose your own meal by choosing the meat you want and combine it with vegetables and some potatoes the way you want it. read more

Culinary walk through Antwerp

Invincible Antwerp

On an ordinary Tuesday, I went for a culinary walk through Antwerp (organized via vizit). An entree, main course, and dessert are served in different restaurants throughout the city and when walking from restaurant to restaurant, the guide explains the history of Antwerp. The tour started at Brabo, the statue in front of city hall and continued to the meat packing house, the old prison, and a variety of small alleys and hidden spots. read more