Photo Sunday 18 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is by Shaurya. She is a travel writer for Asian tours and Holidays. She mostly travels inside Kerala these days so that she can share the hidden gems on the company blog. She is currently researching about Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact our jobs and what we can do to be valuable in the marketplace.

Photo Sunday 18

I know what you are thinking – Where is this heavenly place!! The picture was clicked at Alleppey as our Houseboat took a right in the backwaters. I have lived here for all my life but the backwater of Alleppey continue to surprise whenever I take a ride through the canals.

The picture captures the serenity of this place perfectly. And this Serenity is what I want my stressed-out clients to experience. If you manage to keep away your smartphone for 8 hours of the ride, you may experience pure bliss. You get to reflect on your life, read that book you always wanted, have a heart to heart with your partner and much more when you get away from the noise and surrender yourself to nature by taking a long and relaxing boat ride through the Alleppey Backwaters.

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