Photo Sunday 36 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is by Nat. She was born with a Wanderlust Soul. She loves wandering off the beaten track, exploring different cultures, walking through non-touristy places and mixing with the locals. You won’t see her without a camera in her hand :). Her blog incorporates her love of different cultures, ethical travel, veganism, and photography.


Photo Sunday 36

Early one morning, I was out walking through the Old City of Chiang Mai and saw many monks walking around doing their morning alms. These three young monks were trying to cross a very busy road and I was far away but had my zoom lens on my camera so quickly captured this moment in time. I highly recommend walking around the old city around 6am to see the Buddhist Monks receiving their alms. It’s a beautiful experience that you’ll never forget.

Check out her Instagram.

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