Photo Sunday 70 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

Photo Sunday 70

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is from Sarah. She has a rare lung disease called lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and loves traveling with her husband, Justin. They recently completed a trip around (some of) the world where they ate absurdly well, saw glaciers and fjords and puffins and elephants, and raised LAM awareness. They have been documenting their journey and sharing travel tips for others with chronic illnesses at their blog Travel Breathe Repeat.

Photo Sunday 70

This is my favorite photograph from my time in New Zealand. Last March, I spent a month touring both the North and South Islands with my husband. Our second to last stop was Lake Tekapo, a very small town in the middle of the South Island. Located on a stunning lake of the same name, we passed our days there doing nothing more than relaxing by the lake, walking around the lake, and staring out at the lake. And at night, we were treated to the clearest skies and the most incredible view of the stars we’ve ever seen. The proprietor of our hotel could tell how at peace I was and told me that when I got home and stress started creeping back into my life, I should think back on my time in this place and take a “Tekapo Time Out.” This image of the sun setting over the lake is what I picture when I take my little time outs. I’m so grateful to be able to carry some of the serenity I found there with me still.

FYou can also see more of Sarah’s photography on Instagram.

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