Photo Sunday 71 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

Photo Sunday 71

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is from Roxanne. Gypsy With a Day Job was founded by Roxanna Keyes, who was soon joined by Keyauni Kern. More than 20 years separate them but, they share a high demand work schedule, coupled with a compelling wanderlust and thirst for life. Roxanna waited far too long to begin her travels, and Keyauni is determined to not let that happen. They are finding ways to handle a high-stress work environment and make time to get away and experience adventure. They share their secrets with you and hope to inspire your wanderlust as well.

Photo Sunday 71


Perhaps the most endearing thing about traveling the countryside in Ireland is the sheep! There are sheep grazing on the rich Irish grass all across the island, and in fact, they outnumber the Irish citizens by a few hundred thousand. We just happened to make a roadside stop to admire the view along the Slea Head Drive, at the tip of the Dingle Peninsula, when the farmer came to make the call for feed time. The entire herd came running, looking quite excited about it! We couldn’t help but laugh.
The colored splotches on the wool are a modern, painless form of branding, enabling each farmer to recognize their own animals. The entire community works together to ensure the right home is found whenever a lamb wanders astray. We felt really enriched being able to see this part of the Irish culture first hand!

You can also follow their travels on Instagram.

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