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Not far from our hotel in Middelkerke (hotel Belle Dune) we had a delicious dinner at De Sauteuse.

We made a reservation a few hours in advance to make sure we had a table. And that was a good thing: the restaurant was fully booked that evening and we had the last available table.

We entered a very cozy restaurant with a lot of eye for little details on the table.

De Sauteuse Middelkerke Belgium

De Sauteuse Middelkerke Belgium

We started off with an aperitif: cava and some red port. With this, we were served a small appetizer. I liked that the cava was served in a non-traditional glass.

De Sauteuse Middelkerke Belgium

For the main course, I had a fish stew with mashed potatoes while my boyfriend had the steak (of course). With the steak, fresh fries were served with homemade mayonnaise, garlic sauce, and tartare. Everything was very tasty, and the portions were more then enough.

De Sauteuse Middelkerke Belgium

De Sauteuse Middelkerke Belgium

De Sauteuse Middelkerke Belgium

We didn’t have any dessert because we were pretty full after this.

This is a very good restaurant that serves tasty food. The only downside is a slow service; there are not enough people to attend to the guests when the restaurant is full like it was on the evening we were there. This resulted in being there for 1.5h for only a main course.

De Sauteuse

Westendelaan 144

Middelkerke, Belgium


Hotel Belle Dune is a very good hotel closeby

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