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After a number of very tasting dishes during recent culinary walks through Antwerp, I decided to make a reservation at Invincible in Antwerp. A three course diner has a fixed price and you always have a number of choices for each course. Some dishes require you to pay extra, but they are worth it.

The eyecatcher of the restaurant is the open kitchen with the bar in front of it where you can have your dinner. You really can see how your food is being prepared.


At Invincible they are very inventive with the ingredients they use and the dishes they serve. Because they are a limited amount of dishes, they are all prepared on demand and with the best ingredients. After ordering and getting our drinks, we watched the chefs make our starter. My choice was the homemade liver paste while my boyfriend ordered the slowcooked bacon. Both dishes wereheavenly and were neatly presented. Especially the bacon was very tender and had a lot of flavour.

Because we were still enjoying our aperitif, we didn´t opt for the matching wines. Then the main dishes arrived: salmon mi-cuit with fennel and mangalica pork. The salmon was delicious and cooked to perfection. I am not a big fan of fennel, but after tasting this dish, I decided that I should eat it more often. The pork was cooked saignant with some roasted vegetables and a tasty sauce. Pork that is cooked saignant is something you have to get used to, but because the quality of the meat was excellent, the meat melted in your mouth.

And then dessert. Whenever I see sabayon is served as a dessert, I always take it. You can watch how they are making it in front of you and it was served in the same bowl as it was made together with a scoop of vanilla icecream and some strawberries. When I talked to some colleagues about ating the entire bowl of sabayon myself, they were like: no? really? the whole bowl by yourself? But I am like: I always eat everything, especially dessert.

It was a very yummy and cozy evening at Invincible. This is a restaurant that you have to try. The dishes they serve are so inventive and the ingredients they work with are of such great quality. Next time, I will take the côte à l’os

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