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Celebrating a birthday calls for dinner so we went to Botta ‘N Ik in Grimbergen, near Brussels. Located not far from the basilica, a very beautiful and cozy restaurants welcomes you.

Botta N Ik Grimbergen


Starting of with an aperitif of the house and a mojito, we studied the menu.

aperitif Botta 'N Ik Grimbergen Belgium

This menu changes often depending on the season. There is the option for a menu with choices of 3 starters, 3 main courses, and 3 desserts. These choices are also available without taking the menu. As a starter, the salmon tartare stood out for us. This was a very refreshing dish, beautifully served. The beets weren’t really necessary for me.

Salmon tartare Botta 'N Ik Grimbergen Belgium

It was also very easy to decide the main course and again we had the same thing: filet of ‘Mechelse koekoek’ with a sauce of Grimbergen beer, bacon, and a chicory and cheese mash. Again this was beautifully presented and the meat was beautifull cooked. Especially the sauce was a winner in this dish.

filet of Mechelse koekoek Botta 'N Ik Grimbergen Belgium

For dessert, I always crave something sweet while my boyfriend is more the savory guy. I had the pineapple carpaccio with some biscoff icecream and my boyfriend had a cheese platter. I really liked the taste of the pineapple but I would have liked much more pineapple. But again a very nice presentation, especially the cheese on a wooden plate.

pineapple carpaccio Botta 'N Ik Grimbergen Belgium

cheese platter Botta 'N Ik Grimbergen Belgium


This is an elegant restaurant with some creative dishes on the menu together with some more classic dishes. Everything was presented on beautiful plates with a lot of eye for detail. Also very important was the very friendly service that made sure you always had everything you want. I would really recommend this restaurant and I can’t wait to come here again.

Botta ‘N Ik

Hogesteenweg 35

Grimbergen, Belgium


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