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In my hometown Aalst I met up with an old friend. Because it was a long time ago I was here, I let it to my friend to decide where we would have lunch. His choice was Cafe de Paris at the Grand Place. Although I grew up here, I never went there before. The restaurant was completely full when we arrived but luckily there was still one table available. We ordered some wine and had a look at the menu.

For lunch, I always prefer a salad. And as I said before, I think a salad says a lot about a restaurant. It is very easy to put a salad on the menu and then just give salad, tomatoes, and some kind of chicken or fish. I ordered a salad with goat cheese with dried cranberries and figs and some gingerbread. With this, a nice and warm piece of (fresh) bread was served.

Goat cheese salad cafe de Paris Aalst Belgium
I really liked this salad. It doesn’t look like it is a lot but the cheese and the dried fruit make this a very filling salad. Together with the very friendly service, I would really recommend this place if you are visiting Aalst.

Cafe de Paris

Grote Markt 7

Aalst, Belgium


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