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Because of a job interview near Hasselt, we decided to combine it with a nice lunch close by: De Waterput in Diepenbeek. When we arrived, we were the second customers but we were soon joined by a number of other people. Again, I decided to take a salad, this one was with chicken and fruit. My boyfriend ordered the homemade lasagna. Although we were the first customers that ordered our food, it took about 40 minutes before we got it. But it was well worth the wait.

Chicken salad in De Waterput in Diepenbeek Belgium

Lasagna De Waterput in Diepenbeek Belgium
This is for sure the best salad I have ever had. Not only was there a decent amount of chicken but there was so much fresh fruit on the plate. I didn’t manage to finish my salad unfortunately because it was really a lot. You can see that the chef put a lot of effort in this plate. The lasagna of my boyfriend was also very good and was served in a very nice plate, not the normal oven dish.


Although we had to wait some time, the food and the service were really good. And I want to compliment the chef with the plating of the food and the finishing touch.

Brasserie De Waterput

Kogelstraat 14

Diepenbeek, Belgium


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