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My boyfriend and I had lunch on the market place in Mechelen at De Witte Vos. We visited it before about 2 years ago so we knew it was good. I ordered a salad with chicken and mushrooms while my boyfriend just loves his meat and ordered a steak. We were given some bread while we waited for our food.

Steak at De Witte Vos in Mechelen, Belgium

Salad with chicken and mushrooms at De Witte Vos in Mechelen, Belgium
I liked the salad but it lacked creativity. There was a decent amount of chicken but I also would have loved some other vegetables or maybe some fresh fruit. Although I didn’t ask it specifically, there was no bread together with the salad. The steak was nice and tender but also not a lot of vegetables, just a little bit of lettuce.


You can have some good food at this restaurant but I missed some creativity in the dishes. In the end I just had some fried chicken with mushrooms and some salad; I wouldn’t call this a salad.

Restaurant De Witte Vos

Grote Markt 30

Mechelen, Belgium


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