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Every year during Christmas holiday, my boyfriend and I go to the Belgian coast for the day for a nice walk and some good food. Although we normally go to Blankenberge, this year we decided to go to Ostend.

After a very cold walk at the beach (you can find some pictures here), we decided to have dinner at Eetkaffee Poseidon, not far away from the coast. Apparently, they serve some pretty good bouillabaisse here. They also have a nice variety of fish dishes but also seasonal food such as wild game in winter (sadle of hare, pheasant, and deer). And what was especially nice for my boyfriend was their elaborate collection of beers. It is rare that you can order Westvleteren 12 at a pub or restaurant, making the decision easy. Westvleteren 12 is being considered one of the best beers in the world.

Westvleteren 12

Now, back to the food. Ofcourse I ordered the bouillabaisse while my boyfriend got some deer steak. The bouillabaisse was brought in a big pot and served at the table in a soup dish together with some toast and rouille. They weren’t lying about it; it tasted delicious. There was plenty of fish in it and a decent amount of tomatoes and vegetables. Although my boyfriend had the deer steak, he finished the rest of the bouillabaisse after I was done with it. This shows how much you really get (I am a pretty big eater) and how good this was because my boyfriend is not a big fan of fish.


This is a very good place to visit when you are in Ostend. Not only to have good meal (I recommend the bouillabaisse) with a very friendly service but also for a taste of some of Belgiums fantastic beers or a good glass of wine.

Eetkaffee Poseidon

Hertstraat 11

Ostend, Belgium


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