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With a group of friends we went to ‘t Fonduehuisje in Leuven. Here they serve Swiss meat and cheese fondue, as well as raclette or Swiss Chinese fondue. We decided to have gourmet which came with unlimited meat together with sauces, french fries, and salad. This kind of dinners is always nice because I think it is a cosy way of being with friends, especially when it is cold outside.

The restaurant is pretty big but it is always good to make a reservation, especially if you are planning on going with a group of people. The service here is very nice and quick.


After all the meat, there was still some room left, especially since they have sabayon on the menu. Our friends ordered the chocolate fondue with fruit.


The sabayon was delicious and served with vanilla icecream. It still is my all time favorite. The chocolate fondue however was not hot enough and made with milk chocolate. Also the amount of fruit that was served was on the small side (1 banana and some other small pieces of fruit for 2 people).


This is however a very nice place to have dinner with friends or family. Most of the fondue or gourmet comes with unlimited meat or bread (cheese fondue). A must if you like meat and/or cheese.

‘t Fonduehuisje

St. Maartenstraat 12c

Leuven, Belgium


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