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I love Asian food and luckily I found a friend who agreed to accompany me to Umamido to have some ramen. Ramen is a Japanese dish consisting of noodles served in a yummy broth, flavoured with miso or soy sauce with toppings of pork, vegetables, and sometimes an egg. Although I never had it, I knew I needed to try it.

After a quick stop at the Asian supermarket, we went to Umamido in downtown Brussels and ordered a bowl of soyu ramen (flavoured with soy sauce) and a bowl of miso ramen. I am always struggling eating with chopsticks but luckily noodles aren’t the most difficult thing to eat like this. I had some miso soup in the past but this one was more subtle, not so strong, which is more how I like it. The pork was tender and everything just tasted good.

Umamido ramen Brussels

Umamido ramen Brussels

The service is quick and friendly so this is the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner. This time, we only had ramen but maybe next time I will also order some pork bun and gyoza.


Do you know some more places in Brussels to have good Asian food?



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Brussels, Belgium




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