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Where to eat in Paris

Last time when we were in Paris, the food at the restaurants was terrible. The big mistake we made is not researching good restaurants. We learned our lesson this time and did some research in advance by using Tripadvisor and a huge amount of blog posts. A nice feature of Tripadvisor is that you can book a table in advance for a large number of restaurants in Paris. Although this was not always necessary, we wanted to be on the safe side.

Walking around Paris, you will see a patisserie almost everywhere: they sell the most delicious cakes, cookies and tarts. And let us not forget fluffy croissants. Make sure to visit the best patisseries in Paris.

Here are the restaurants we had lunch or dinner during our stay in Paris.

Le P´tit Troquet

This is a very small restaurant, not that far from the Eiffel tower. They have a fixed menu of 3 courses for 35 euro and you can choose from a number of dishes for each course.

To start, we had the risotto with scallops which were beautifully cooked and presented very beautiful.

Le P'tit Troquet risotto with scallops

The main course was a steak Rossini style (with foie gras) and cod with pumpkin puree. The portions were not so big but the flavours were perfect although some more vegetables with both the steak and the cod would make it even better.

Le P'tit Troquet steak Rossini style

And then dessert, my favourite part of the meal. We had the Crème brûlée and Poire belle hélène. The latter was a huge disappointment: the pears didn’t have any flavour of spices and the chocolate sauce was made of milk chocolate, giving it a bland taste. I prefer chocolate sauce made of dark chocolate because it gives a slightly bitter taste that goes well with the normally sweet taste of the pears. Also, it looked like everything was thrown on a plate.

Le P'tit Troquet poire belle hélène

Le P'tit Troquet Crème brûlée

This was a good restaurant for a nice and quiet dinner with friendly service. I like the choices and a number of choices for each course that is adjusted to the season. But I was a little bit disappointed about the dessert.

Restaurant Pasco

The second evening, we had dinner at Restaurant Pasco that also served a menu for a fixed price. The choices for each course were more original and it was hard to make a choice.

We started off with a millefeuille of eggplant with fresh goat cheese and a salad with chicken. The millefeuille was so delicious and an inventive vegetarian dish.

Restaurant Pasco millefeuille of eggplant

Restaurant Pasco chicken salad

For the main course, we had a surprise of poultry with fresh pasta. And again here, some more vegetables would be nice.

Restaurant Pasco surprise of poultry

Their most famous dessert is the profiterole of the house. We tried it together with Ossau-Iraty cheese with jam of black cherries. Although I ordered the dessert on good luck, and I normally never have cheese for dessert, it still tasted really nice.

Restaurant Pasco profiterole

Restaurant Pasco Ossau-Iraty cheese

If you want to have a nice dinner in a beautiful restaurant, you have to be here. The choices for the different courses are sometimes more original and everything is presented very nice. And also important: the people are very friendly.

La Citrouille

For lunch, we accidentally ended up in this little restaurant while wandering the streets looking for a place to have lunch. We had a lunch menu for only 13 euro and the food was not bad at all but very simple. We had a quiche Lorraine and a quiche with onions. The main was a turkey steak with some fries and green beans and for dessert a nice chocolate mousse (made with dark chocolate).

La Citrouille quiche

La Citrouille turkey

La Citrouille chocolate mousse

This is a good restaurant for a nice lunch away from the busy tourist restaurants. Don’t let yourself get scared off by the waiters trying to pull you in, it is worth it.

Le Comptoir

After our visit to the catacombs, we had lunch here. We were looking for a light lunch so we ordered the club sich with salmon and some fries. I was expecting smoked salmon on the sandwich instead of fresh salmon and when it is cut too thick, I don´t like to eat it. I was having some trouble of eating it, and I ended up leaving some of the salmon on the plate.

Le comptoir Club Sandwich with salmon

But all in all, this is a good place to have lunch after visiting the catacombs with a very friendly service and a nice variety of dishes to choose from.

Compared to last time, we had some pretty good food in Paris. Although I must say that the desserts where not what I was expecting. But we had some good sweets in between to cover for that. It all depends on the location where you are and if you want to have dinner near your hotel or not. We preferred to stay near so then your choices are a little bit more limited.


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