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Map – things to do in Belgium

Belgium may be a small country, but there is much to discover. Are you looking for places to visit in Belgium? Or looking for a nice hotel, an amazing hike, or a good restaurant? Then subscribe for free to my special Google Maps Map “Things to do in Belgium.”

  • The map is divided into different categories: hiking, breweries, food and drinks, places to stay, to see/to do, photo spots, and castles. So you can easily filter to see only the categories you want
  • Each place also has a photo and a brief explanation. For some places there is even a link to a blog post with more information
  • This map will be continuously updated with new places we discover. You will also just get all these updates

This map is free but you can always treat me to a nice waffle through this link.

De kaart liever in het Nederlands? Ga dan naar deze pagina

Enter your name and email address below and you’ll just get the link with access to the map in your mailbox

How to use the map?

When you receive the email with the link, simply click on the link.

The map will be saved on your Google account.

Want to open it again later? Then follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps
  • click on your photo at the top right and then on “My places”
  • Then click on “maps” on the far right
  • Then click on the “Things to do in Belgium” map
  • To filter click on “show map legend”, then select the category(ies) you want to see and select the arrow at the top left to go back to the map. When you click “close”, the map will close completely

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