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For work, I had a week of training in Billerica, a city just outside of Boston. I stayed at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel for a week. This is really the perfect hotel to stay for a long period of time. I had a very spacious room that was cleaned every day. (Because I arrived in the evening, the photos are a bit dark).

Because I didn´t have a car, I used the complementary shuttle service of the hotel every day. A real advantage they offered. There was also a small gym and a swimming pool, ideal for some active time in the evening.

Every morning and evening, I ate in the hotel for convenience. There wasn´t really a restaurant, but a bistro where you order your food at the counter and they would bring it upto your table. In the beginning you could only order breakfast at the counter, but by the end of my stay there was also a breakfast buffet. Here you see some examples of breakfast and diner. Every time I have to get used to the American portion sizes. But, there was a wide variety of salads to choose from for diner.

On Friday, I left for Boston because I wanted to see the city. Because I wanted to stay in the city center, I picked Milner Hotel Boston Common in het Theatre district as my hotel. The contrast with the room in Billerica couldn´t be bigger. A very small (and especially expensive) room, with almost no sunlight and a typical American breakfast in the morning.

2016-07-22 19.38.45

In the evening, a friend and me had dinner in 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill. I decided to go for the steak sandwich. The sandwich was nice and the steak was cooked the way I asked it. The French fries on the other hand were not so nice (maybe I am just used to really good fries in Belgium 🙂 ). As a dessert, we got the crème brûlée to share.

Because I was in Boston, I thought that I really had to try a lobster roll. An American friend (and the taxi driver) both recommended Legal Seafoods. Here I ordered the lobster roll with the lobster poached in butter. What I love about the US, is thay you can always choose your side dishes. The lobster roll unfortunately wasn´t as good as I had hoped, the taste was a little bit bland.

2016-07-23 12.00.04

And before my night flight back to Belgium, I had dinner at the airport. I don´t remember the name of the restaurant anymore, but I had an amazing blackened chicken with mango salas. And to be honest, it tasted much better than the lobster roll I had for lunch.

2016-07-23 19.30.43

Some pictures I took while exploring Boston. I only did part of the Freedom Trail because it was too hot to do a lot that day.

Business trip to Billerica and Boston

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