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Alsace in pictures

Enjoy the beauty of the Alsace in pictures. Come along and see what the Alsace region has to offer besides delicious cheese and wine.

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Best beer bars in Belgium

Belgium = beers. You can find Belgian beers at every bar in Belgium but there are also a number of the typical beer bars in Belgium that have a very nice selection of beers, and not only Belgian beers. This list is our opinion about the best beer bars and...

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What to do in Pisa

Pisa is world-famous for its leaning tower. But don’t forget to also visit the other buildings on the Square of Miracles or walk along the Arno river.

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About Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

Welcome to Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat. Here you find everything about travel: close by and further away. From the nicest hotels to the culinary hotspot and from exploring cities to the most beautiful hikes. Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat is the perfect mix of effort and relaxation. We enjoy brisk walks in nature but also relaxing by the pool. With of course delicious food and drinks within reach.

I will take you along on our adventures in beautiful Belgium, but also throughout Europa. And we even cross the ocean to the US and Canada.

After short periods of time in Switzerland and Netherlands, I now live in beautiful Mechelen (Belgium).

In the meantime, I have visited 20 countries but there are still much more countries on my bucket list. The undisputed number 1 is Antarctica. But also Namibia, Jordan, Iran, Japan and Nepal are countries I would love to visit.

In 2019 we will go to Ghent (Belgium) for the weekend, to the Alsace region for a few days, enjoy the sun in Egypt for a week and go to Canada for 2 weeks. But this list is definitely not final.

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