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Until a few years ago, I was the type of woman who packed 20kg to go on a beach holiday for a week. I was always amazed by people who could pack everything in a tiny suitcase.

When I have to travel for work now, I can manage to pack light. Although it is not always necessary, it is extremely easy.

I always travel with checked luggage, a backpack, and a purse.

packing for a businesstrip


I recently bought a new backpack, another Eastpak because I like the look and they are extremely durable. My last one I had for 7 years and it still looks good, but it is time for something new :).

Eastpak backpack

My must-haves in my backpack are of course my laptop, an iPad, and my Kindle (and all the wires and stuff). I always take a SKROSS PRO World Adapter when traveling outside of Europe.

I also always take an empty water bottle with me and fill it after security check. Some other necessities are medication, tissue papers, and neck pillow.


Currently, I have a purse from Desigual. I am not a typical woman, as I only own 1 purse. I need to get a new one, although this one is still perfect at the moment. It holds my cell, wallet, glasses, and earbuds.



For short trips (up to 4 days), I manage to pack everything in a small suitcase. Mine is from Saxoline and I don’t even remember when or where I bought it. The only disadvantage is the lack of a TSA lock. So the next one should have that.

suitcase saxoline

The content depends on the type of business but most of the time I will pack 2 sets of “business” clothes and 2 sets of casual clothes for a 4 day trip. I wear comfortable shoes to travel so I only need a pair of “business” shoes.

If there is a gym nearby and I have time, I will also pack some gym clothes.

What do you always carry on a business trip?

Packing for a businesstrip

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