With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is by Alex from the Wayward Walrus. The Wayward Walrus is a motley crew of explorers, dreamers and (mostly) doers who seem to have their lives together on the outside but have a zest for life that extends beyond the comforts of home and occasionally, indoor plumbing. Our travel tales are a little quirky, a little awkward, and a little bit wayward. From handy dandy printable packing lists and travel inspired recipes to destination itineraries and tricks for an on-the-go lifestyle, The Wayward Walrus is your resource for finding inspiration to experience the now and create your own adventure.

Photo Sunday 21

To say I fell in love with Montenegro would be something of an understatement. Wandering aimlessly through the medieval cobblestone streets of Kotor (usually with a €2 slice of pizza in hand) after the throngs of cruise ship tourists had marched on for the day unveiled a completely different city. Looking up you see laundry strung from green shuttered windows giving a lived-in, comforting feel to the remarkably stunning Old Town. Above the Old Town city walls lies a fortress dating back to the 9th century that helped Kotor achieve its place in history as an unconquered land. Hiking to top right before sunset offered a piece of prolific tranquility that I’ve yet to experience quite like it anywhere else.

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