Photo Sunday 26 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is by Laura Sellwood. She is an ordinary Brit from Essex and she just loves to travel. She has backpacked around the world for 8 months and done a lot of long weekends in Europe since. Currently, She is working a 9-5 office job but mostly spends her time trying to think of a way out! She started No Shoes Today as a way to create guides and share her stories in a down to earth relatable way, to encourage others to travel on a budget, just as she did.

Photo Sunday 26

This is Laguna Canapa in Bolivia, part of the famous, vast and straight out mind blowing Salar de Uyuni. Every time I think about my trip over the salt flats, this picture springs to mind. They are home to 3 different types of flamingo and their brilliant colour against the mirror-esque lake and the brown of the hills behind just makes them pop out of the landscape. Bolivia is a country bursting with colour so the brightly coloured flamingos that live here perfectly match their home! I always love the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitats and these magnificent birds do not disappoint.

You can see more beautiful pictures on her Instagram.

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