Photo Sunday 47 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is from Tom, a Dutch travel blogger better known as Traveltomtom. I am traveling the world continuously since December 2012 and since last year trying to inspire people to explore the world through my blog. Blogging never was a thing, I rolled into it trying to help other travelers do the same as me. My one and only passion will always be traveling, but to see that I am able to inspire people to go on a trip around the world makes me happy. In my blog, I give tips how to stay on the road for as long as possible and I try to convince people that traveling does not necessarily have to be expensive, it all comes down how badly you want to see the world and how much you are willing to sacrifice.


Photo Sunday 47


This is a typical picture of me trying to take a good GoPro shot of the unique place I am standing. Down below is the lowest point on earth as this photo is taken at the Dead Sea in Israel with Jordan in the background. As I have been traveling solo around the world now for almost 5 consecutive years I kind of relied on my GoPro for having photos with me in it. Traveling solo is not always ideal and one of the most difficult things is to get good photos. This photo though marks the start and the end of a new era. After this trip, I said goodbye to my GoPro pictures and bought a tripod for my DSLR as I wanted to take my photos to a more professional level and that was all because of taking blogging seriously. This trip was my first organized press trip as a professional blogger. Vibe Israel invited me to travel to Israel and explore the country together with an amazing group of bloggers. This world was new to me and it was such an inspiring trip that it made me realize I really wanted to make this blogging life a success. It was also my first time traveling in Israel and it was a positive surprise. The Midburn Festival, the hot air balloon ride over the Negev desert, staying in a Bedouin camp and of course, the visiting the crazy and unique cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv made me having a blast.

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