Photo Sunday 51 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is from Patricija. She is an amateur blogger at Postcards. She started her blog just a few months ago to document her Erasmus memories but then she decided to continue with it in the future.

Photo Sunday 51


This picture was taken on my last day in Copenhagen. After studying abroad in Germany, I went on my first solo trip ever to Denmark and Sweden. Ful of new memories from my life abroad mixed with a little bit of sadness and not really knowing what I’ll do next with my life I was wondering around Denmark’s capital all by myself. In the afternoon of that day, I ended up at one of my fav spots in the city, Nyhavn, when all the sudden started to rain. Of course, I didn’t have an umbrella with me. So I just stood there under the light rain, careless about how my hair will go crazy because of that or what I’ll do with my life next when I notice a rainbow in the sky.

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