Photo Sunday 57 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is from Melanie May. She has been traveling the world for over 20 years now with her longest excursion lasting five years. Most of her travels are solo backpacking budget adventures however lately she has been enjoying more European city breaks. Her blog Travel Eat Write Repeat combines her love of travel and food and features destination guides with an emphasis on where to eat the best local cuisine. This is followed up with an original recipe inspired by the dishes she has eaten. You can see more of my travel photos on my Instagram.

Photo Sunday 57

One very hot day in May, I was sitting on a wall at the Plaza de la República in Mexico City watching some children cool off in the sprinklers. I wished I could join them as the scorching sun was beating down and the cold water looked so inviting. When I was photographing the children I really hoped that at least one photo would capture the fun they were having and how carefree and happy they seemed. I think this photo captures those feelings perfectly and sums up the happy memories I have traveling solo around Mexico City.

You can see more of her travel photos on her Instagram.

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