Photo Sunday 63 - Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

With Photo Sunday I want to share beautiful shots with a story.

This week’s photo is from Alya & Campbell. They are an adventurous travel couple that met surfing in the Philippines four years later married and still travelling. Currently based somewhere between Cape Town, South Africa and St.Petersburg, Russia, chasing summer and nice weather on both continents. They’re camping addicts and road trippers and like exploring the world’s best hiking and diving destinations and of course doing all the above on a tight budget. They share their stories at Stingy Nomads.

Photo Sunday 63

This photo was taken on the top of Elbrus Mountain, the highest peak in Europe. That day we started the final ascent at 1 am in complete dark, the weather wasn’t very promising, it was cold, -15C, the wind was pumping, and the mountain was covered in thick clouds. We didn’t have much hope on summiting but decided to give it a go. The climb was tough, we both we exhausted and sometimes I felt I wouldn’t be able to move any further but, in the end, we made it to the summit. The view from the top was stunning! We were so excited happy and inspired that went down, back to the base camp, running, it took us 10 hours to walk up and 2 hours to get down! Elbrus was our first independent climbing experience now we want to conquer more mountains.

For more beautiful pictures of their adventures, check their Instagram.

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