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Not far from the famous Grand Place, you will find Portobelfino. Every week they change the menu and only work with fresh dishes depending on the season and the availability. Because for once the weather was nice in Belgium, we had dinner outside.

With our prosecco, 2 appetizers were served: both were delicious



We decided to only have the main course and maybe a dessert. There were 5 dishes we could choose from. I had the steak tartare with fresh fries. This is what a steak tartare should be: hand cut fresh beef, a raw egg, and good seasonings. I wouldn’t mind some more vegetables on the side.


Everybody who knows me is familiar with my love for sabayon. So it wasn’t a surprise that I picked that for dessert. Like all the other dishes, it was presented in a beautiful bowl with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was airy and light, the way it should be.


And this is another very good restaurant in Sint-Niklaas. Because of the weekly changing menu, you know that you always have something delicious if you have dinner at Portobelfino.


Houtbriel 24

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium


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