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When meeting up with friends, we always go to diner. Normally, we try to go to a different restaurant every time. Except this one; when we are meeting in Sint-Niklaas, we always go to Bizzy Beloy because of the great service and the good food.

I always take a salad because they are delicious with a huge amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. But they also have other dishes depending on the season. In the summer it is possible to enjoy your meal outside.

Bizzy Beloy restaurant Sint-Niklaas Belgium

Salad Bizzy Beloy with smoked salmon, shrimp, and pine nuts with a ton of fresh seasonal fruit

Bizzy Beloy restaurant Sint-Niklaas Belgium

goat cheese salad


We also take dessert, but I never manage to take pictures of it :). So I have to go back another time for dessert pictures. But that wouldn’t be the only reason, I just love the food and atmosphere in this restaurant.

Bizzy Beloy

Houtbriel 31

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium


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