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After the pancakes we had at Vin Dune, we walked along the coastline to Blankenberge. We both have some very nice memories to this place so we try to go at least once a year. We always have dinner at a specific restaurant but apparently the restaurant changed names and is now called Montmartre. Also the inside has changed but the menu and the dishes are still the same.

 Montmartre in Blankenberge, Belgium

 Montmartre in Blankenberge, Belgium
Unfortunately there were no mussels, which was a shame because we always have them in this restaurant. We decided on some sole meunière (because we are at the coast) and a steak for the boyfriend (he rarely takes fish when eating at a restaurant). Of course these were served with some fries.

Sol meunière at Montmartre in Blankenberge Belgium

It all looked so good but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the fish at all. I am pretty picky when it comes to fish and when I saw the bloodline in the fish, I lost my appetite. It doesn’t mean that the fish is bad, it is just me that doesn’t like it.

The steak was nice and tender but could have a little bit more seasoning.

This was just a pity, and hopefully next time they will have mussels again because that is still my favorite thing to eat here.

Brasserie Montmartre

Zeedijk 157

Blankenberge, Belgium


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