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On our day off, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather in Belgium and headed into the city to grab a bite to eat. I always wanted to go to ViaVia so we hoped they would have a table available outside. We were lucky: the last table available.

There is no fixed menu; all the dishes available are on a blackboard. We started off with an aperitif Maison: white port with lemon and soda. Nice and refreshing on a hot day.

ViaVia Mechelen

You have a wide choice of tapas to choose from but we only decided on 1 main dish: Cajun chicken with corn salsa and white rice. Served on a wooden board and seasoned perfectly, this was a delicious meal.

ViaVia Mechelen

And of course, there was still room for dessert: a warm apple pie. And again also delicious although a scoop of vanilla ice cream would have been nice to go with it.

ViaVia Mechelen

I was very happy I had the chance to eat at ViaVia. Located in the beautiful Kruidtuin in Mechelen, it is perfect for a dinner outside when the weather is nice. This is a place I want to go more often because I like the interesting menu.



Zandpoortvest 50

Mechelen, Belgium


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