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Rooms with a view collaboration – Europe, Africa and The Middle East

Some hotel rooms just have the most amazing view. So amazing, that you just want to stay in your room to enjoy the view.

I asked fellow travel bloggers to share some of their rooms with a view in Europe, Africa and The Middle East. Enjoy!!

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Manchester, UK (Travelling Dany)

rooms with a view

Located in a beautiful historical building in the heart of Manchester, the Radisson Blu Edwardian is the perfect place if you are looking for great views, cozy rooms and entertainment within walking distance. This beautiful hotel will take your breath away from the moment you step through its doors. Crests representing Manchester, elegant, warm and quirky decor (they have a huge rooster in the lobby made with organic materials, not too far from a Buddha head) and staff always willing to offer their help.

The rooms are big enough to accommodate not only a writing desk but also a second table next to the window, so you will be able to enjoy your breakfast with a view. The Manchester Town Hall with its beautiful tower looks a bit like the Big Ben in London, and makes for a very romantic background, especially at night. Being in the city center, from the Radisson Blu Edwardian you will also see the white colonnade of the public library and many historical buildings.

Clubs, bars, theaters, restaurants and elegant cafes are all within walking distance. I also suggest you visit one of the most beautiful libraries in Manchester, the John Rylands, that looks like a real-life Hogwarts – it’s only 10 minutes away from the hotel!

Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Uganda (Wandermust Family)

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If you are looking for a room with a view then look no further than a luxury lodge in Uganda. Perched on the edge of a gorge, The Kyambura Gorge Lodge by Volcanoes Safari is the perfect wildlife retreat. All the lodges sit at the edge of the gorge which offers perfect wildlife viewing opportunities. From our private balcony, we viewed elephants and other big game. The view stretches across the beautiful Queen Elizabeth National Park making it perfect for those that want to see all the big game animals (except giraffes). There isn’t a spot at this resort that doesn’t have a good view from the pool to the restaurant. You could be quite content spending your whole vacation looking at the view from the lodges if only there weren’t so many activities to do around it.

Santorini Reflexions Volcano, Santorini, Greece (The Traveling Teacher)

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Last spring, I was able to stay at an incredible hotel while in Santorini called Santorini Reflexions Volcano right in Fira. The hotel was located on the beautiful famous cliffs right in the city. Although Oia is the most famous town in Santorini, Fira also has beautiful whitewashed buildings along cliffs in the city. Reflexions Volcano is a small boutique hotel with just 8 rooms, a terrace for breakfast, and an indoor pool. Every room has a beautiful view of Fira which makes waking up each morning there a very special experience. One of my favorite moments came when we heard the bells of the donkeys coming from our room early in the morning. We walked outside and were able to see the famous donkeys of Santorini making their morning trip up and down the stairs without a tourist in sight. Nothing could be more picturesque than these beautiful homes on the cliffs in Santorini and its a spot I will never forget!

Airbnb in Athens, Greece (Travel Monkey)

rooms with a view

When it comes to staying in Athens, what could be a better room view than the Acropolis itself?

In a city as ancient and historic, the sights are almost at every corner, but staying in this AirBnb didn’t even require to go far. We booked this apartment on a short stopover before we hit the Paros island for our entire family and as soon as well came in, we regretted not booking it for longer.

This big apartment is able to accommodate 5+ people for quite an affordable price. For that, you get not just a room view but the entire balcony where you can hang out looking how the view of Acropolis changes during the day from morning sunrise to night light show without so much as leaving your chair.

The only downside to staying here is that you don’t even want to go out! As long as you have some snacks on your hands, all the best that Athens has to offer is right on your balcony – amazing summer weather and gorgeous views.

Safranbolu, Turkey (Gumnuts Abroad)

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The old town of Safranbolu is a sea of red tiled rooves, tangled alleyways, and traditional timber-framed houses. Locals have maintained the traditional Ottoman architecture and the area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many of the mansions have been turned into delightful boutique hotels and guesthouses that take guests on a journey back in time. All the buildings are two or three stories high and the upper stories, supported by buttresses, project over the cobbled streets below. The houses are full of wooden beams, creaking floors and superbly carved ceilings and walls.

Staying in one of these houses is a delight with spectacular views from every window. And a room with a view is pretty much guaranteed. As the houses were built on the sloping sides of the valley to ensure they don’t block each other’s outlook.

Every morning we watched from our window as the sun’s warm glow slowly slid across the valley waking the residents of the town below. But it was the magical evenings of twinkling lights and indigo skies that we loved the most.

Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Italy (Travel by A Sherry Affair)

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As you drive towards the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel you feel like you have left the hustle and bustle of Rome, even though it is only a short drive from the Eternal City. The Cavalieri luxurious Five Star hotel is located on the highest hill in Rome surrounded by a tranquil 15-acre private park. Known as one of the most impressive hotels in all of Italy, it does not disenchant.

Expect no less than impeccable service from the moment you are escorted from your automobile. The lobby and ground floor are indeed grand; adorn with gold opulence, original paintings, shops, bars, restaurants, a Roman spa, and ballrooms. A step outside and you enter a luxurious outdoor space with comfortable seating to eat and lounge around the pool.

Opening the door to a spacious Roman décor suite your eyes go directly to the balcony. All of Rome captures your view. Strategically placed at each end of the balcony are two very large framed mirrors to reflect the city all around you. Enjoy seeing all of Rome; the Vatican, the Colosseum, the hills and more. Next, you need to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal at Rome’s only 3-star Michelin restaurant La Pergola. Don’t worry you have the entire view of Rome once again. Breathtaking!

Here is an itinerary for 4 days in Rome!

Terminal Neige, Chamonix, France (The Family Freestylers)

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Recently renovated this legendary French mountain refuge hotel, over 100 years old, offers a truly unforgettable stay for those seeking solitude, adventure and old-fashioned charm in the heart of the Alps.

Perched above the Mer de Glace glacier, at an altitude of 1913 meters, Terminal Neige offers guests the unique experience of staying isolated at high altitude in comfortable, stylish accommodation. Built in 1880 to accommodate the first mountaineers, climbers, and voyeurs to the Mer de Glace glacier, this hotel is steeped in alpine history and is remarkable with its panoramic mountain views. Accessible only via the old rack and pinion railway, a long hike up in Summer or by skiing the longest off-piste run in the world, the Vallée Blanche, in Winter, the remote location of this hotel captures your imagination and guarantees unforgettable moments when each day, when the last train shunts sightseers down the valley, you’ll have the entire mountain to yourself.

Pyramids Valley, Caïro, Egypt (Global Castaway)

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There are a lot of beautiful sights in the world, but there is one that had barely changed for the last 4500 years. I’ve been to a lot of places around the globe, but nothing beats having your morning coffee in front of the last ancient wonder of the world – The Pyramids of Giza. Hotels in Egypt are not that expensive so, when you travel to Cairo, getting one with such a view is not a luxury but a must. You’ll not only enjoy the same view ancient pharaohs used to relish, but also, won’t have to book a special tour with a driver to visit the complex, and as a bonus, you can watch the evening light and sound show for free!

I stayed in the Pyramids Valley, and I can guarantee everything there is exactly like it’s in the pictures. Other highly rated accommodations in the area are the Pyramids Overlook Inn and the Pyramids View Inn.

Amphora Hotel & Suites in Paphos, Cyprus (From East to West with RMS)

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Amphora Hotel & Suites in Paphos, Cyprus is one of my favorite hotels I have stayed at to date. Amphora is beyond reasonably priced coming in at $100 USD/night for a double suite, which is insane! The price is not reflective of the amenities; the hotel felt like a five-star hotel everywhere. The rooms were up-to-date and had all modern furniture and appliances. The rooms were clean and the balconies were massive. Every room opens onto this view facing the water and you just watch the waves come in over the deck. These views were a dream to wake up to and go to sleep to. The included buffet breakfast was an added bonus and had more food than we could ever need to eat for breakfast. Additionally, since Paphos is on the West coast of the country, they have insane sunsets over the ocean every single night! The hotel’s amenities, rooms, and views were absolutely amazing and I would stay here again and again anytime I visited Paphos and Cyprus. Cyprus is an amazing vacation with so much nature, adventure, and relaxation to offer, and Amphora Hotel and Suites made the trip even better by exceeding our expectations with the amazing view.

Wolwedans, Namibia (The World Pursuit)

rooms with a view

Wolwedans is a luxury lodge in the middle of the Namibian desert. There aren’t rooms with a view here but instead tents with a view. It isn’t just one tent with a view either, but every tent has a view of the beautiful orange desert.

Wolwedans is essentially four camps: Boulders Camp, Dune Camp, Dune Lodge, and Private Camp. All guests are housed in luxurious tents with comfortable king size beds and spacious living room. The tents face the desert and every morning you can wake up and watch the sunrise over the massive red sand dunes. What I love about Wolwedans is the lovely staff bring you fresh tea or coffee each morning to have in your tent while watching Africa come alive.
In all our travels we remember this room with a view the most. It really is a magical place in Africa.

Aparthotel Adagio, Vienna, Austria (The Wandering Core)

rooms with a view

I checked in the Aparthotel Adagio, Vienna in the evening with the sun already down. The studio room on 5th floor was flawless, literally echoing “Home away from Home”. Equipped with a mini well-furnished kitchen, iron along with the iron board, full-size wardrobe to fit in my clothes for a 10-day trip and a spacious bathroom, I thought I had it all. The best was yet to come! The very next morning I woke up to a view of the Vienna’s skyline with Prater right in front of my eyes.  A September sunrise painting the sky orange and the canal shining in the morning glow. I couldn’t help but open those huge windows to capture that dazzling sunrise. Located at the corner of the road giving me amazing panoramic views of Vienna’s captivating architecture with a backdrop of urban skyscrapers, Aparthotel was ideal for me. After sunset, the area around Aparthotel lit up the commercial buildings with dancing lights, what more could I fancy from a hotel. Well connected through trams and S-Bahn at a walking distance, the hotel was a perfect one for me giving me a lifetime of picturesque memories.

The Rooms Hotel, Kazbegi, Georgia (Traveling Mitch)

rooms with a view

The Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi is a long drive from just about anywhere, but the views once you arrived won’t make you regret the effort. More than likely, you’ll arrive in Tbilisi, Georgia’s quietly remarkable capital. If it’s winter, you may want to take a bus as driving on your own can be harrowing, which I found out all too personally.
Nonetheless, I did indeed make it there in one piece. Most of the rooms have a view of the nearby mountain, Mount Kazbek. It’s a stunning mountain by any stretch of the imagination, especially when it’s covered in snow. The food at the hotel also happens to be delightful, but the casino in the basement might just be what seals the deal for me as one of the top hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying at!

Oasis Hotel, Luxor, Egypt (German Backpacker)

rooms with a view

While backpacking around Egypt, I had an incredible view from my hotel in Luxor. Actually, the Oasis Hotel is a low budget accommodation (8$ per night!) so I didn’t expect anything special –  and while the rooms very basic, the view of the rooftop terrace was spectacular. Every morning, we enjoyed our breakfast on top of the open terrace (before it was getting too hot!) and enjoyed the view of Luxor, before heading out exploring the city.

Luxor is a destination you shouldn’t miss when traveling around Egypt, since you’ll find some of Egypt’s most incredible attractions there. The Karnak temple and the Luxor temple are directly in the city and very impressive to visit, another highlight is the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens on the other side of the Nile. That’s where you can actually visit the tombs of the pharaohs! Luxor is also a great place to go for a hot air balloon ride for sunrise, with incredible views of the lush Nile area and the Sahara Desert right next to it.

Villa Rosa, Positano, Italy (Story at every Corner)

rooms with a view

We stayed in Villa Rosa in Positano along the Amalfi coast of Italy in early April. At that time of the year, Positano is a quiet little town that was just starting to open for the season. Villa Rosa is located in the middle – between the beach and main street, a short but steep walk from either end of town.

Villa Rosa is a small boutique hotel with under 20 rooms. The main attraction of our Sea View Suite was the spectacular view of the sea and the town. The suite was very spacious with a living room, a large bedroom and a spacious balcony to relax and soak in the views. The room decor was very tasteful to was in complete harmony with the Mediterranean vibe. Service was great with a very courteous staff. They helped us with all our questions and planning our daily activities.

The staff brought our delicious breakfasts into the room which we asked them to serve on the balcony, overlooking the water and the steep hills of the Positano. It was so beautiful that it’s forever etched in my memory – the crystal blue waters with boats coming from nearby towns and the iconic view of the hills.

Tips:  Many rooms have a partial view or obstructed. Be sure to book a full sea view room. The additional cost is totally worth it. Roads in this part of Italy are extremely narrow with sharp curves, and they hang off the cliffs in many sections. I would suggest taking a taxi or the convenient public buses and boats. Capri is a short boat ride from Positano and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Toledo Hotel, Amman, Jordan (Kat Pegi Mana: Where Is Kat Going)

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If you get a room on the 7th floor of the Toledo Hotel in Amman, Jordan, this is the view that you get from your window early in the morning during spring. Toledo Hotel is located in Abdali, a largely residential area of boxy cream-colored townhouses and apartments intermixed with a couple of government and commercial buildings…and a church (as you can see from the picture). In between, the streets are dotted with cypress and jacaranda trees, adding colors to the otherwise beige-looking neighborhood. The nearest bakeries and shops are within fifteen minutes’ walking distance, and the major tourist attractions are a few minutes’ drive away, costing only two or three dinars by taxi. Nothing beats staying in a quiet neighborhood like Abdali to wind down especially after a full day of sightseeing in Downtown Amman.

Sunstar Style Hotel Zermatt, Zermatt, Switzerland (Arzo Travels)

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In a country like Switzerland, you will often find rooms with great views. Given the natural beauty of the country, it does not surprise that hotel views are often spectacular. You will often have amazing lake or mountain views. One of the most beautiful room views I have had so far was when I stayed in Zermatt.
This little car-free resort town is home to the world-famous Matterhorn Mountain. The unique shape of the mountain has attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world.
When I stayed at Sunstar Style Hotel Zermatt I appreciated every moment I looked out of the window. While you can book rooms with or without a Matterhorn view (of course, the Matterhorn view costs a bit more) but I definitely recommend investing a bit more, so you can enjoy the view.
While the view is lovely all day long, it gets even more beautiful in the evening. It is probably also one of the most romantic places to spend an evening – at the balcony of the hotel with this view.

The hotel itself is a 4-star property and while it is lovely, it is also rustic and has the Swiss charm which makes it even better to stay at when in Zermatt.

Which view is your favorite?


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