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Exploring the Greek Island Milos

Milos is truly a hidden gem located within the Cyclades. The island is known for its striking landscapes, crystal clear waters, and rich history dating back to ancient times. Whether you are a history buff or beach lover, or just looking for an authentic Greek experience, Milos is the perfect island to explore while island hopping

The best time to go to Milos 

The best travel time to visit Milos (and any other island in the Cyclades) is May-June or September-October. It is then about a blissful 20-25 degrees and it is also cheaper and less crowded than the summer months. Because of the constant sea breeze, it was very pleasant in late May.

How to go to Milos? 

Although Milos does have an airport, the island is very easy to reach from Athens (the port city of Piraeus) by ferry. The trip from Athens to Milos takes about 3.5 hours. Since Milos is often the first stop of ferries coming from the mainland, it is a perfect island to start the island hopping. An alternative is to fly to Santorini and then take the ferry to Milos (sailing time is about 2h). Through Ferryhopper you can easily book a ferry: they are often very comfortable.



Some tips for ferries in Greece:

  • Buy your tickets online in advance to be sure of a seat
  • There are ferries for passengers only or also vehicles. If you go onto the ferry by car: some ferries require you to drive onto them backwards
  • Most ferries have numbered seats
  • They recommend to be at the port 1h in advance
  • Make sure you always know the name of the company and the boat: often several boats leave at about the same time
  • You can buy food on board the ferries
  • If you are very prone to motion sickness, you can buy medication, especially in bad weather this may be necessary.



Where to stay on Milos? 

We stayed in Agnanti Hotel. These apartments all have a nice view of the coast because it is located against the hill. From the port, it is a tough climb up but the owner will be happy to pick you up if you don’t already have a car. If you do have a car, there is free parking right outside the door.

Our room was quite spacious and also had a small but well-equipped kitchen. And the best thing: a very nice terrace.


Within walking distance of the hotel, there is a supermarket. Perfect for getting food or just a good bottle of wine to enjoy from the terrace.

In the morning, a super tasty breakfast was served at the table with all the fresh produce. Perfect to start the day with.

How to explore Milos? 

Because the sights are quite far apart, transportation is necessary to explore the island: you can use public transportation or rent a car, quad, or scooter.

Public transportation on Milos: buses run between the villages. You can easily buy a bus ticket on the bus with cash. Here you can find current bus routes and bus schedules on Milos.

Quad rental on Milos: you will find many quads rental companies on Milos. Keep in mind that Milos is quite a mountainous island. The price for a quad depends on how many people and the season. In the low season, a quad costs about €20 per day but in the high season, it can go up to €35 per day. Since there are several providers, you can easily compare.

Scooter rental on Milos: It is also possible to rent a scooter but this is quite expensive as you can rent a quad bike or car for about the same price. The prices are similar to those for a quad bike.

Renting a car on Milos: a car is the most comfortable way to explore Milos: it is easy and comfortable. We easily booked a car at Rentalcars.com. In low season you can rent a car from €25 per day, in high season about €40 per day.



Tips on renting a car on Milos:

  • It is advisable (especially in high season) to book a car in advance, be sure to compare prices as well
  • If you want to take the car on ferries to explore other islands: check with the rental company if this is allowed. Then also take into account a one-way fee
  • Most cars have a manual transmission
  • A 4×4 is not necessary
  • You must be 21 years old to rent a car and have had your driver’s license for at least 1 year
  • You must return the gas tank at the same level as before
  • Provide a credit card in the driver’s name. If you want to rent a car on more than one island: take into account the blocked deposit and the limit of your credit card; you may need a second credit card or increase your limit.

And then some general tips for driving on Milos:

  • Milos is very hilly: so make sure you can easily start from a slope
  • Gasoline is not cheap; almost all gas stations are manned; you can ask to fill up for a specific amount
  • There are almost no traffic lights
  • The maximum speed is 50km/h
  • Google maps are not always reliable
  • Parking is free
  • The roads are not always in the best condition and a part of Milos is forbidden for rental cars (due to the mining activity that is still there)


What to do on Milos? 

Milos is best known for its cute harbor towns and beautiful beaches. But there are many other fun things to do.

Wander through the Plaka 

Plaka is the capital of Milos and was built at the foot of the old castle (kastro) in the typical Cycladic style. White houses, small alleys, and a beautiful view of the sea and the west side of Milos. You will also find nice restaurants and stores and, in addition, there are some churches to visit. The center is car-free, but you can easily park your car (for free) on the outskirts of the village.


Go to Plaka castle (during sunset) 

The Venetian castle was built in the 13th century on a hill 220 meters above sea level. At the time, it served to protect the island from pirates. You have a fantastic view from there, making it the ideal place to admire the sunset.




Visit the catacombs

Located near Plaka and the port city of Adamas, the catacombs are an important (early) Christian monument from the first century AD. There are about 126 different tombs and, according to archaeologists, a total of 8,000 bodies could lie there. Unfortunately, not many of the decorations are visible anymore.

You can visit the catacombs every day except Tuesday from 9 am to 4:45 pm. A ticket costs €4 and €2 for people over 65. You can only visit the catacombs with a guide. So if there are enough people, go through the catacombs with a guide. Don’t expect a very extensive tour, after about 20min you are back outside. More information can be found on the website.



Admire the old theater and the Venus of Milo 

Not far from the catacombs you can visit the ancient Roman theater. Here theater performances used to be held and even today it is still used for cultural events. It is free to visit.



Near this theater, the Venus of Milos was also found. A replica of the statue now stands on the site.



Go to the colorful village of Klima 

Klima was really the most beautiful village to visit. It has only a promenade, a small church and colorful fishermen’s houses. These were built by fishermen in the 19th century: on the first floor the boat was stored and on the second floor the fisherman lived with his family. Today you can find here mostly souvenir shops and vacation homes.




Have lunch at Medusa in Mandrakia and admire the view

Mandrakia is another cute fishing village. Here the fishermen lived in hollowed-out caves. Because the boat could be put in the water almost immediately, they could also leave quickly.




Definitely try to get a table at Medusa for lunch. Reservations are not possible and in high season the wait can be up to an hour. Delicious seafood with a beautiful view and friendly service.



Visit Firopotamos 

Feel like enjoying a beach day? In the village of Firopotamos there is a cozy beach where you can also enjoy the colorful fishermen’s houses and the cute little church in the meantime.




Go to Sarakiniko (and jump in the water) 

Sarakiniko is a popular beach on Milos that consists of white volcanic rock that has formed rock formations and sea caves. The white rock stands out tremendously against the bright blue of the water. There is not only a sandy beach but you can also jump off a rock if you dare?




Go to the harbour town of Pollonia 

Pollonia or Appollonia is the second most popular resort on Milos. Around the sandy beach and at the fishing port there are many nice terraces with traditional Greek tavernas. I ate super delicious mussels with feta and ouzo at Rifaki. Definitely recommended



Admire the colorful cliffs of Paliochori 

Paliochori is a stretched beach that consists of 3 parts. The largest part is in the middle where the sunbeds are also located. But what makes this beach so special are the colorful rocks on the right side of the beach.



Visit the mining museum 

Not far from the port is the mining museum. Here you will learn not only about the mining past but also about the mining that still exists on the island today. The entrance fee is €5 for adults. Children can visit the museum for free.




Other things to do

The western part of the island cannot be visited due to mining. But you can admire the beautiful coast from the water. This can be done via a sailing trip or kayak tour.

Where to eat on Milos? 

There are so many good restaurants on Milos, spread all over the island. Here are some of our tips:

Kokkino in the Plaka: perfect for a quick lunch. Delicious savory pancakes  



Medusa in Mandrakia: delicious seafood with a beautiful sea view


Gyros of Milos at the port: delicious pita gyros


Rifaki in Pollonia: delicious mussels but also the other dishes in the port of Pollonia   



O Hamos Tavern near the harbor: traditional Greek restaurant 


Archontoula in the Plaka: Greek tavern with tasty local specialties.




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