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Restaurant Botta ‘N Ik in Grimbergen, Belgium

Botta 'N Ik Grimbergen Belgium

Celebrating a birthday calls for dinner so we went to Botta ‘N Ik in Grimbergen, near Brussels. Located not far from the basilica, a very beautiful and cozy restaurants welcomes you. Menu Starting of with an aperitif of the house and a mojito, we studied the menu. This menu changes often depending on the season. There..

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Restaurant ‘t Fonduehuisje in Leuven, Belgium

With a group of friends we went to ‘t Fonduehuisje in Leuven. Here they serve Swiss meat and cheese fondue, as well as raclette or Swiss Chinese fondue. We decided to have gourmet which came with unlimited meat together with sauces, french fries, and salad. This kind of dinners is always nice because I think it..

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Restaurant Vin Dune in Westende, Belgium

On a Sunday we decided to go to the Belgian coast. After parking our car in Blankenberge we took the tram to Wenduine. At Vin Dune we ordered a pancake Mikado with vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, and hot chocolate sauce. The pancakes were freshly baked and were so good. I like the hot pancakes and chocolate sauce combined with..

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