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How much does 2 weeks of island hopping in Greece cost?

We went island hopping in Greece (the Cyclades) for 2 weeks and booked everything ourselves. We left from Athens and went successively to Milos, Paros and Naxos. If you want to read our full itinerary, you can do so here. Read below how much it cost us.

We went in late May, so not in the high season. Therefore the prices of e.g. hotels, rental cars and airplane are already a lot lower. All prices below are also for 2 persons.

How much does the plane to Athens cost?

We flew with Transavia from Eindhoven Airport to Athens and booked 1 extra suitcase as check-in baggage. For 2 persons we paid €550.

We also went by car to the airport and booked in advance parking through Parkos. We paid €180 for 15 days at parking P26.

How much do ferries cost in Greece?

We booked our ferries through Ferryhopper and paid a total of €480 for 4 ferries. We always chose the cheapest option because there was not very much difference in departure time or sailing time. Also, these prices depend on the season and the routes you will take.

The price of the ferry will also depend on whether you plan to take the car on the ferry or not (which we did not).


If you want to know what we all did? Then you can go to all the individual blog posts via this overview post. In total, we spent €250 on entrance tickets and other activities.

We booked some of our activities through GetYourGuide.

How much does food and drinks cost in Greece?

We often try to get the best deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities. But while traveling, we try to enjoy ourselves. And that includes good food and drink. Breakfast was included in the hotels on Milos, Paros, and Naxos but otherwise, we always went out to eat. And we also enjoyed a glass of wine or cocktail on a terrace.

Greece is not an expensive country to eat: you can eat delicious fish and pita for not a lot of money. Or you can choose to book an apartment so you can cook for yourself.

In total, we spent €1300 on food and drinks.

eilandhoppen Griekenland


How much do rental cars and gas cost in Greece?

We chose to rent a car separately on each island. As mentioned earlier, we were in the low season so the prices were quite reasonable. Because the islands we visited were not very big, we didn’t have to fill up very much.

We booked our car through AutoEurope.

How much do hotels cost in Greece?

In total, we had 6 different hotels during our 2 weeks. Three in Athens and then 3 on the islands. We booked everything through Booking. Our criteria for finding the best/cheapest hotels were to make a selection of:

  • At least 7/10
  • Free parking (on the islands)
  • Private bathroom
  • Free cancellation

And then sorting from cheapest to most expensive. Here we also took into account the location in the city (for Athens) or the port (for the islands). Breakfast was not equally extensive in all hotels but we are not that hard on that.

In total we paid €670 for 2 people.

eilandhoppen Griekenland


What is the total cost of island hopping in Greece?

So in total, we paid €3680 for 15 days for 2 people. This is €123 per person per day.

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