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Restaurant Montmartre in Blankenberge, Belgium

After the pancakes we had at Vin Dune, we walked along the coastline to Blankenberge. We both have some very nice memories to this place so we try to go at least once a year. We always have dinner at a specific restaurant but apparently the restaurant changed names and is now called Montmartre. Also the inside has changed but the menu and the dishes are still the same. read more

Restaurant Café de Paris in Aalst, Belgium

In my hometown Aalst I met up with an old friend. Because it was a long time ago I was here, I let it to my friend to decide where we would have lunch. His choice was Cafe de Paris at the Grand Place. Although I grew up here, I never went there before. The restaurant was completely full when we arrived but luckily there was still one table available. We ordered some wine and had a look at the menu. read more

Walking around the Zurenborg neighbourhood in Antwerp

Zurenborg Antwerp Belgium

In order to explore more of Belgium, I decided to go to Antwerp and wander around Zurenborg, a neighbourhood in the south-east of Antwerp. A lot of houses are in Art-Nouveau style which are centered on Cogels-Osy Lei, Transvaalstraat, and Waterloostraat. The houses are often named and decorated with certain themes but sometimes groups of houses are combined to form a general theme. On the four corners of the Waterloostraat and Generaal Merlenstraat intersection, for example, are houses with decorations depicting the four seasons. read more